Millfields User Group gets no funding from Hackney Council or any other source.  Anything we organise has to be funded by applying for grants or from donations.

Money available for park works

National Grid rent 2007-2014 + easement: £309,000

“A licence exists between National Grid and LBH enabling an area of the park to be used to aid the construction of the substation upgrade at Millfields…. The monies paid to date are currently residing in a ring fenced account within the parks budget for the delivery of priority projects from the Millfields Masterplan as agreed by the Millfields User Group and Hackney Councils Parks Department.” LBH Feb 2011

National Grid paid Hackney £71k in 2009/10 regarding an easement to lay electric cabling within Millfields.

1 Oct 2007 for 7 years i.e. to 1 Oct 2014 at £34,000 pa = £238,000
238,000+71,000= £309,000
At Feb 2011: about £120,000+71,000= £191,000

Lathams Yard S106 Transportation Fund: £275,000
The conditions stipulate it has to be spent on the following proposals:
£60,000 on a traffic management scheme in Theydon Road, Mount Pleasant Hill and Southwold Road
£20,000 on green travel plan measures around the site
£45,000 on improvements to the footpath across Millfields North ground or Casimir Road entrance
£25,000 towards a toucan crossing on Lea Bridge Road
£30,000 towards improvements to the Southwold Road footpath link
£20,000 towards improvements to CCTV at Clapton Station
£75,000 towards bus stop improvements in the vicinity of the site

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