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Bark and Bite




It’s a shame that dog damage like this is something we see a lot on Millfields. In the photo left, a Norway maple has had the bark stripped vertically. On the right, a cherry has evidently had a dog swinging from a branch.


If you see dog damage, please contact the parks tree officers Ian Graham, and (please ccso we know about it). I let them know about the maple, and they had a guard on it the next day (left). Orand I’ll pass it on. Whether they’ll be there after the cuts remains to be seen.Stripping bark can kill the tree because the nutrients pass up and down in the layer just underneath, the cambium. Ring-barking, stripping the bark all the way round, is a foresters’ technique to kill a tree while leaving it standing. A forester uses an axe, but a dog’s teeth will do the job.Any thoughts about how to educate people who allow & even encourage dogs to do this? Posters? ‘Is your dog ring-barking mad?’






A successful transplant

On Sunday we had a fine muddy time moving some fruit trees from the Beecholme Estate allotments. Beecholme TRA have posted a picture show here, which we won’t try to top. A pear and almond went into the west end of north Millfields, and an apple into Jim’s guerilla’d garden which is shoehorned into some overlooked ground on the estate.

Thanks to Christine Williamson of the TRA for offering the trees, and to the squad who turned out: Tom, Flora, Annie, Chris, Karen, Colin, Christine K, Marta & her daughter, plus Ruth who dropped by. Four more people and we could’ve moved the cherry too: that’s for next Sunday, 27 Feb, 11 am.

Thanks also to the council tree officer Ian Graham who had tree stakes and guards delivered to the park, and council chargehand gardener Andy Day who trucked in a pile of wood-chip mulch, as well as our ever-helpful park manager Paul Foinette. Will this kind of support continue after the cuts?

The stakes and guards were bought by Hackney’s famous Tree Musketeers, so trees for all and all for trees, we say. And the Community Tree Nursery on Hackney Marsh lent us the heavy tools for digging and staking. An all-round community operation.

We can’t be sure it worked yet: much depends on keeping them well watered this year and maybe next. (See Beecholme photo of Marta filling the trusty watering trolley.) If you’d like to help let us know.