Daffodil defender

Please don’t cut my daffodils this year
I planted them – and this tree – 10 years ago, but every spring they are cut before I see them

… says the carefully made sign tied to the guard of a young lime tree on south Millfields. You can see why the daffodil defender is upset: the tree is encircled by what should shortly be a blaze of daffodils.

A quick word to Paul the park manager, who promptly contacted the gardeners, we hope has forestalled any damage from that quarter this year. If it’s a freelance operator — well, please keep your eyes open.

And if you know — or are — the Daffodil Defender (we’ve fuzzed her photo, as we haven’t permission to publish it), please do get in touch. We’d love to hear about how you came to plant your tree and flowers.

One thought on “Daffodil defender

  1. emmajack

    I have seen people cutting the daffodils in passed years and have asked them to stop only to be ignored. I will keep an eye out this year but you know there’s not much one can do if a polite word doesn’t do the trick! emma jack


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