Parks Events Policy proposals

On Monday we’ll be submitting MUG’s comments on LBH’s proposed new Parks Events Policy. If you have thoughts please let me have them by the end of Sunday, either by email or here. The draft policy can be downloaded here.

The policy would allow more and bigger events in the park. Income from events will go to LBH funds up to an annual target; any surplus goes to the park.The user group will be charged £50 for an event with more than 250 attending.

Currently we have the fun fair, the fun day and little events such as sponsored walks & doctor bikes. This would allow:

  • 1 fenced (ticketed) event per year 10,000 maximum capacity (South Millfields)
  • 2 large scale (>1000 attendance) Community events per year numbers to be set by LBH on basis of application
  • 1 fun fair per year
  • 1 circus per year
  • 2 corporate / brand events per year
  • 5 private/family celebration events per year

The application and consultation process is rationalised: whether to the detriment of the user group is something we’re trying to work out.

2 thoughts on “Parks Events Policy proposals

  1. PteddieSawyer

    Millfields events policy.

    The use of the park for events and community celebrations is of paramount importance to the process of sustaining social cohesion in our increasingly fractured and repressed neighbourhood. The M.U.Group committee must eventually make an honest and forthright response to this challenge. The question of community identity and interaction was raised many times during the first couple of years formation of the M.U.Group but discussion and exploration of the issue was always repressed and closed down very quickly. The motivations of the group have found expression in a policy of subdivision of Millfields into areas of special interest into which Users could enrolled as ‘customers’ . This policy is now finding expression in the claiming of patches of territory within the grounds of Millfields which groups or individuals feel that they need to protect from intrusion. Millfields is becoming a place where people come together in terrain prepared for conflict rather than peace.
    Will the M.U.Group continue to impose their proprietorial mindset on this little vestige of our common land and heritage or will they open their minds to the possibility that the “community that ‘plays’ together stays together” ?


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