Bridge upgrade

The walkway underneath Lea Bridge Road will be closed from Monday 28th March for 6 weeks (i.e. till 6 May) so that British Waterways can replace it. British Waterways will be putting up signs pointing to the nearest safe crossings further up and down Lea Bridge Road.

The new walkway is the same width, but the handrail will be repositioned outwards so that the full width of the walkway is available. There will be LED lighting in the handrails, facing downwards so as not to deter bats. We imagine the slippery-when-wet metal surface will be improved too.

We’ve taken the opportunity to ask whether the long-broken handrail on the towpath at south Millfields will be fixed as well. British Waterways will be repairing this ‘in the next few months’.

BW 020 7985 7200.
Ben Kennedy, LBH Senior Transport Planner 020 8356 8023
Please cc MUG (& involve us if it’s helpful)

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