Group Meeting Mon 11 April

We’ve organised the next Group meeting for the evening of Mon 11 April, probably 7.30 at the Nye Bevan Tenants Hall.

We hope the group will discuss the biodiversity proposals, postponed from the AGM because the original speaker was ill and the meeting over-ran. The survey is here*. The implementation proposals are being redrafted and we’ll post them as soon as we can.

If there is something you’d like the group to discuss, please post a comment here, below. (You can also email , who will post your email on the blog, but it’s quicker if you do it yourself, and easier on the sec.) Please do say who you are, if you want the group to take account of your comment: this page is open to any internet user and we need to know that you aren’t posting from Paddington or Pasadena.

More soon, and we’ll update this posting as the agenda gets pulled together, but we just wanted to get this in your diary and ask for your ideas.

*The survey link is to the council website. If you have any problem downloading it, please email and I’ll chase it up.

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