Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

British Waterways – job done, not

To the British Waterways project manager for Millfields works, 17 May.

Hi Mish

I doubt you’ll remember, but we met and had a pleasant chat at the community planting on Millfields park last year. I dissuaded you from pesticide use, I think.

I’m now secretary of the Millfields Users Group so it’s my job to harass you about the fact that the bridge walkway works have over-run.   BW said work would run from Monday 28th March for 6 weeks, i.e. till 8 May so it is over a week overdue. There’s a rumour that the subcontractor is failing to install railings, in which case may I ask why they are being allowed to get away with this? Are penalties being applied?

There is a serious road safety issue here, as people are naturally crossing at the west end of Lea bridge, exposed to drivers coming blind over the hump-back. I have heard an unconfirmed report of an accident, and users are bringing the issue to the user group. Local councillors are also getting involved, and of course the local press will be the next stop.

Could I also ask when the long-broken railing at south Millfields will finally be repaired? BW has meticulously painted right up to the break on either side, which some might describe as provocative considering how long we’ve been waiting for this simple repair. It’s tempting to feel that at Little Venice or the Zoo it would have been fixed long ago. We have had a very vague reply from BW via Hackney Streetscene and it would be courteous to give us a definite date, and an imminent one.