Monthly Archives: September 2011

September Open Meeting decisions

The group’s Open Meeting on 17 September decided to:
  • Go ahead with the orchard path on the lines decided in April. You should see signs of this starting soon. All the work will be done by hand
You can see the minutes here (with the agenda and treasurer’s report).

Next meeting: Wednesday 7 December, evening. Venue to be announced.
But don’t wait for the meeting – have your say here.

MUG in print: September Update / publicity flyer

Thanks to our Grassroots Grants funding for the fun day and summer stalls, we’ve been able to afford some printed publicity.

The ‘update’ newsletter summarises work described in more detail here on the blog.

There is also a general purpose publicity/recruitment flyer.

Every copy that reaches new people makes a difference. You can get reasonable quality downloadable versions of these by clicking the images. If you can print a copy for a shop window, waiting room, noticeboard, cafe, etc, or get them into school mailings or similar … well, it all helps.

If you would like some of the printed copies, get in touch.

Unfortunately we can’t afford a professional designer, so we have to be content with a layout that is, let’s say, clean but clunky. If any of our 300 supporters has the skills and can spare some time, it would be quite a step forward for us.

(I also have a feeling our pdf files are bigger than they need be, so if anyone can suggest a solution which’ll work on a 10-year old laptop running Windows 2000…)