Let 1,800 flowers bloom

Molly has been asking every morning if we can go and see the snowdrops…so it has proved to be a good way of teaching her a bit more about the seasons and patience!

1,800 bluebells, snowdrops, daffodils and wood anemones .. that’s how many we planted on 12 November. Thirty-plus people, of all ages from 4 to 70-odd, joined in at various points between 11 and lunchtime. Plus several dogs.

The last arrivals found us all done & dusted, never got their hands on a trowel and had to be content with arguing about how to spell amonemonme anemone, and admiring the Great Green Gazebo as we worked out how to dismantle it – fortunately nobody took any photos of that process.

And as Alice said – what about the north side? Quite right. We plan to sow wildflower seeds there next Spring. Maybe we could add some snowdrops in the green, and some plug-planted foxgloves. Where would you like to see those go in? Around the fruit trees we planted with Beecholme TRA in February? (Which have done very well thanks to Beecholme allotmenteers’ regular watering through the Spring.)

Planters: Alice & Laurie, Emma B, David, Harry & Vita & Orson, Michael, Terry (& Rags), Christine W & grandchild, Ruth & Ilsa & Lana, Pippa & Lola, Sara & Molly, Vicky & family, Ellen, Diane & Freya, Andrea & Mia, Claire, Christine K, Justin, Nicoletta, Jane, and, umm.. have I missed you out? – let  me know & I’ll add you. 

Thanks to Hackney Marshes Users Group Community Tree Nursery for lending tools; biodiversity officer Kate for getting us off the ground & getting plants, park manager Paul for other organisational support & as always Salvatore for enthusiastic commitment to aftercare.

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