Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

New committee and strong working groups

It was encouraging at the AGM to find yet more people getting involved in working groups on improving the park. We now have good solid groups working on play, and on the Casimir Road entrance / old paddling pool area. They include several park users with relevant professional skills, so what is emerging is a design advisory group for MUG. A group on dogs is in formation.

Supporting them and providing continuity, the committee which emerged from the AGM has a good mix of old hands and new faces. Last year saw a big transition, with many new committee members and a new chair and secretary. With a year’s experience under our belts, this is the class of 2012:

Emma Jack (chair; Play group convenor)
Tim Evans (secretary)
Claire Kelly (treasurer)
Ruth Smyth (membership secretary)
Michael Row (minutes secretary)
Harry Hewat (Design group convenor)
Diane Bernhardt (Dogs group convenor)
Barry Buitekant
Vivienne Foxley
Cleo Williams & Sabbir Lunat (seat-share)
Carrie Rutherford

Stepping down, with our thanks for all they’ve done, are Bob Benge and Andrea Sinclair. Bob was one of those who got the user group re-started in 2008, and has been vice-chair and chair.

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AGM minutes as well as recent committee minutes as always are at our meeting records page.