Users Group meeting 13/9/16 & priorities

Our next committee meeting is 7pm on Tuesday 13th Sept, in the park rangers’ hut behind the tennis courts, Millfields park, Chatsworth Road.

The committee’s current priorities, in no particular order, are:

a) creating a play ground on South Millfields. A lot of consultation and research was done on this, and it has a great deal of support amongst local people, and is a priority for Leabridge ward councillors. It slipped off the agenda, but we’re going to try and move it forward.

b) the park Lodge – we’re keen to see this building, protected through occupancy for some years, brought into community use. We’ve been assured a review is in progress. We’d very much like to see some movement on this.

c) outdoor gym refurbishment / re-build. The callisthenic equipment is well used but is falling in to disrepair. We want to see it safely maintained, but also extended or re-designed in an integrated space with modern equipment.

d) kiosk on North Millfields – the User Group would very much like to run a hot drinks / refreshments stall using the building next to the playground, even on an occasional basis. We’ve been asking for many years, we feel it would be a positive benefit.

e) monitor the new benches and bins that are replacing all the old park furniture, to see how it works out, and if any changes need to be made.

f) audit of trees – following the falling of a large tree into Lea Bridge Road, with luckily no injuries, we feel an audit would be a good idea to assess health and safety.

g) liaise with other parties into making the junction between Chatsworth / Millfields and Powerscroft Roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles

h) recruit more members to the User group committee, to make it more dynamic and reflective of the local population and park users.

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