Fundraisers needed for a new playground on South Millfields!

We have a window of opportunity!
Many people over several years have been working to create a new play space near the basketball courts, as an addition or alternative to the playground on North Millfields. Well, we have the support of the Council’s Parks development team to make a bid for funds, BUT, the deal is we need to do some match fundraising too, to make the playground viable e.g. to help cover repairs. We’re asked to raise something like £25k, which is a lot, but there are funds we can apply to, and other means such as crowd funding.
We need people to help run this fundraising drive. It’s also a chance to help decide what sort of playground we provide.
If you have expertise, ideas, time, or anything else you can offer, please do get in touch. And come to our next Users Group meeting on June 14th, at 7pm, venue tbc. Thanks!

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