This little one was spotted at the Council depot on South Millfields park in the last week of July.

In the 1950s there were around 30 million hedgehogs in Britain, but today the number is less than one million. Twenty years ago it was common to see hedgehogs in Hackney gardens and parks; now it is very rare to see a hedgehog in East London.

According to the London Wildlife Trust there is now only one last breeding population currently recorded in Central London, in an area of the car park in the Outer Circle of The Regent’s Park. The LWT is calling on everyone in London to help reverse this shocking decline.

If you see a hedgehog in or around Millfields Park please let us know. Please also send details to LWT which is recording where hedgehogs live in London. They are trying to build an accurate picture of where help is most needed. If you have seen a hedgehog at any time and in any part of the capital, please fill in their online form and record your sighting!

One thought on “Hedgehogs

  1. Anna

    I live near Millfields, on Jack Watts Estate, and I saw one was in my front garden from dusk to late last night. (Despite filling it in, I didn’t submit the LWT form you linked to as it’s last question makes it obligatory for anyone reporting a sighting to join LWT’s mailing list. Have just emailed them re this.)


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