Volunteer seed-spreading: Tuesday 19th March, 10.30am, for around an hour, North Millfields 

The Council is now moving forward with the Buzzline in Millfields Park. They have started to prepare an extended area of meadow to form the buzzline; this now runs the full length of the cycle path providing a meadow corridor for pollinators throughout the park which is very exciting!

The meadow has some small paths cut through it, as you can see below.  A further rotavation will be done at the start of March.  The total meadow will cover around 2,800 square metres and will be significant in providing new habitat and a corridor through the park for our pollinators. In terms of the seeds, a hedgerow mix from Naturescape will be used that’s designed for sun and semi-shade.  It has meadow wildflowers that do well in London like Ox-eye Daisy and Knapweed and shade tolerant wild flowers like Red Campion and Garlic Mustard.  We will also add some poppies and cornfield annuals for some colour in the first year.

The Butterfly Conservation are supporting the project both with the seeds for the entire buzzline in Millfields Park and also will be there on the volunteering day. 

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