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Come and plant mini-woodlands in North Millfields

On the weekend of 9th/ 10th December six copses will be planted along the new section of cycleway in open space between the main footpath (from the top of Chatsworth Road) and the west end of the park (towards Lea Bridge roundabout). With around 30 new trees per copse, we are aiming to plant 150-200 new trees. 

Come and join us planting them. Everyone welcome. Wear warm clothes and stout shoes or boots. Register on Eventbrite:

The selection of larger tree species will be divided roughly into geographical biomes (Native oak woodland; Alpine Highland; Central European; East Asian; West Asian) with native shrub and small tree species in the understorey. This will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase trees from different parts of the world that are commonly planted in Hackney.

In the urban environment, these mini-woodlands are a fantastic way to increase biodiversity in a small space, and they can be planted to inhabit the same canopy spread as a single large mature tree, yet contain dozens of different species of trees, shrubs and plants. 

In Japan, botanist Akira Miyawaki experimented with growing densely spaced trees in small areas after seeing the sacred groves growing around Japanese temples. Now known as the Miyawaki method, it involves choosing species based on their natural layer within the forest canopy to produce a multi-layered ecosystem that functions effectively in a small space. Trees planted in this way can grow much faster than singularly planted trees, absorbing greater amounts of carbon dioxide, as well as other pollutants. This creates a much denser carbon sink in a shorter amount of time. Studies have shown that biodiversity can be 18 times higher when compared to singularly planted trees or traditionally planted woodland, with tree growth rates up to 10 times higher. 

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