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Off we go …

People have been saying for a while that MUG should raise its virtual game, so here’s the MUGblog, written (so far) by the secretary. The look, links, bells & whistles need work, but let’s crack on & polish all that up when time permits.

I suppose I should start by giving the new committee which was elected by the AGM on Thursday (10 Feb):

Barry Buitekant
Bob Benge (chair)
Claire Kelly (treasurer)
Diane Bernhardt
Emma Jack
Harry Hewat
Jon Aldenton (vice chair)
Michael Row
Ruth Smyth
Tim Evans (secretary)
Vivienne Foxley

We are still Millfields Users Group, as the motion to change the name was lost.

We have 5 new members and a new chair, sec & vicechair, so we are getting on with some basic arrangements & familiarisation. You can reach the committee at .

Anyway, this is the place to come & discuss MUGmatters. Don’t let it just be the sec holding forth (though I’m always ready to do that). We’ve been lacking an online forum and the committee hopes this will start to fill the gap.