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Meeting: Nature in the Park

We look forward to seeing you on Monday evening, 11 April, at the Millfields User Group meeting, 7 for 7.30 at the Nye Bevan Community Hall, Overbury St E5 OAH.

We’ll be focusing on biodiversity (ie wildlife & habitats) in the park, and the proposals to manage parts of the park to improve habitat & increase its inhabitants. The park is already a designated Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC), with lots of interesting resources and possibilities. We hope to continue building a group of park users who are thoroughly involved in understanding this aspect of the park, planning its management and doing practical work.

There will be tea from 7 pm, with a bit of a display to get us thinking & talking. If you have photos or observations of wildlife in the park, please do bring them along to add to the display.

We’ll start the meeting prompt at 7.30. There will be a bit of procedural business to do, as the group has a backlog of minutes to approve, but we hope that we can spend almost all the evening on this very exciting topic.

There is a poster here. We hope you can print and display in it your window, a shop, school, etc.

The two background documents on biodiversity can be seen at our Plans page. They are:
  • The initial habitat survey by the London Wildlife Trust. The subtitle management plan 2010-15 is misleading because we have already moved on from its proposals. 
  • The current version of the implementation proposals drawn up by MUG and LBH.