Our tree planting

Because of all the UKPN works taking place in 2022/23 in North and South Millfields, and in the cricket field, we decided not to undertake any major new tree planting over that winter. In two community sessions, one with a local school, we did plant more whips behind the electricity sub-station, and in March 2023 two memorial trees, winter flowering cherries, were planted near the corner entrance to South Millfields.

Over the winter of 2022/23 we are planning to plant small mixed copses of trees along the north side of the new cycle track. The fence on this stretch of road has been removed and rocks placed at regular intervals to mark the boundary. Park users want a permeable boundary but also want to have the sight and sound of the traffic blocked as far as possible. Details are still to be agreed but it is anticipated that there will be at least three days of planting which, together with wild flower planting on the south side of the cycle track, will create a wildlife corridor along the length of North Millfields. 

With the Tree Musketeers, we planted sixteen new trees over the winter of 2020/21 in North and South Millfields including a poplar, cherry, hybrid oak, Indian chestnut, cedar, alnus glutinosa, Japanese Rowan, native black poplar, thuja plicata, stone pines, and crataegus persimilis ‘prunifolia’.

In the winter of 2021/22 two memorial trees, a white beam and a spindle, were planted in the corner of South Millfields opposite Millfields Cafe.

Also planted in South Millfields were two more Pride of India (Koelreuteria) and a silverbell tree (Halesia Carolina).

From the spring to late summer we keep our newly planted trees healthy with weekly watering sessions.

Last autumn we completed work on the South Millfields orchard trees: weeding, mulching, and replacing guards and stakes.

In February 2022 we planted whips and baby trees in the space behind the electricity sub-station which was being returned to the park.

If you would like to join the Millfields Trees WhatsApp group for details of watering and maintenance sessions please contact: chair@millfieldsusers.org.uk or trees@treemusketeers.org.uk.