With the Tree Musketeers, we planted sixteen new trees over the winter of 2020/21 in North and South Millfields including a poplar, cherry, hybrid oak, Indian chestnut, cedar, alnus glutinosa, Japanese Rowan, native black poplar, thuja plicata, stone pines, and crataegus persimilis ‘prunifolia’.

From the spring to late summer we kept our newly planted trees healthy with weekly watering sessions.

Over the autumn we have completed work on the South Millfields orchard trees: weeding, mulching, and replacing guards and stakes.

In the winter of 2021/22 we will be planting some trees in the space behind the electricity sub-station which is being returned to the park. We are liaising with the Council and with the Tree Musketeers about which trees and where to plant them.

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